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Fri 16 May 2014

EMF completes its post-production offer in Boulogne

EMF completes its post-production offer in Boulogne

Euro Media reinforces its post-production facilities. Ideally situated just outside Paris, four studios ranging from 25 to 75 m², a Quantel calibration workstation and around twenty editing suites are already operational and provide post-production services for a number of light entertainment programmes, TV series, TV films and documentaries.

Installed above the Studios de Boulogne, the studios adjoin the editing suites set up on four floors of the building situated at 135 rue Jean-Baptiste Clément. Teams on the same wavelength and facilities all under one roof make for a simple, efficient offer of technical services; in short, a bespoke approach in order to meet the most exacting demands.    

Studio A – A 40 m² mixing studio equipped with a 5.1 multichannel audio system and video projection, an Euphonix S5 mixing system with Protools.  Transferred last October, mixing of many TV films has already taken place here (e.g., Rouge sang – a Scarlett production, Meurtres au pays basque, a Merlin production – Clem, Season 5 - Merlin Productions and currently mixing the TV series Résistances - TF1/Gaumont).

Studio B - A small 40m² mixing room that includes a 10 m² isolation vocal booth to record voice-overs. Devoted to the mixing of light entertainment programmes (e.g., Canal Football Club, Formula One –  Flab Production), TV films, documentariesor series (e.g., Sous le soleil de Saint Tropez, Season 2 - Marathon).    

Sound editing and pre-mixing can also be done with the D-command control surface and its Protools.

Studio C (Post-sync)

This studio was previously used for sound effects and has now been set up as a post-sync studio. It is equipped with Protools and a SONOSAX console, including a ‘Mozaïc’ system, which can provide a rythmo (or lip-sync) band projection, (e.g., Interventions et Résistances -Gaumont Télévision, Hôtel de la plage - Les films du loup, etc).

Studio D

A 25m² space that is currently being transformed into a sound editing or projection room.